Retailed description
Baby Proa appendix

Welcome on the Web site of the Pacific Proa "Des Jours Meilleurs".

I present you this sailboat in 3 themes:

1. The building
2. The voyage
3. Detailed description of the proa

This Web site is oriented prominently on pictures, with a few commentaries to
help understand the manoeuvering of the proa.

"Des Jours Meilleurs" is a multihull sailboat which is a prototype, a modern
extrapolation of the outriggers of the Pacific. Her design and building took a
lot of research and fine tuning. It was quite an adventure to make this
unusual boat work.

Length: 19 meters (63 feet)
Width: 11.70 meters (39 feet)
Weight: 4 tons
Sail area: 96 square meters (about 960 square feet) to windward,
140 square meters (about 1400 square feet) downwinds.
Depth: 0.55 meters (less than 2 feet),
1.25 meters (about 4 feet) with rudders